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Submitting your site to search engines is extremely important in the marketing of your website. We offer a service where your site is submitted to over 500,000 sites (search engines and links pages).

The database of engines is constantly maintained. In a typical 6 month period, over 90% of the database is completely recycled! Our software can correctly submit to many complex search engines, including Yahoo, Snap/NBCi, HotBot, AOLSearch, DMOZ(Open Directory), and many others.

All the majors... and the less significant engines as well!

While it is true that over 90% of the traffic comes from a few major search engines, the other 10% comes from thousands less significant sites. We submit to those majors... and the small ones, too!

We submit your site monthly for an entire year. Reports are emailed to you. This service is only $15 per month.